The Importance of worming in puppies…..

Roundworms can spread to pups from their mother before they are born so even when they are very young and have never been outdoors, they can be harbouring a belly full of worms! That’s why it is so important to treat them for worms from such a young age.

Many breeders will have wormed your new puppy before you have brought him home so we recommend you ask your breeder for the details of when this was done and what worming product was used. You should bring this information along to your first appointment with us.

We will advise you of exactly the best protocol for your pup when you come in but basically all puppies should be wormed at least every month until they are 6 months old. This can be done using tablets or spot-on products and we will discuss with you whether or not you would also like to protect against fleas or other parasites such as ticks.


Rio aged 10 weeks


How would I know if my pup has worms?

If your pup has a lot of worms then they may have a pot-belly and be quite thin. It is possible that you could see worms passed in their poo or vomit.

However, for the majority of puppies, there may be no outward signs of the worms so it is important to treat them regardless.


Why does it matter if my puppy has worms?

Roundworms can spread to humans and cause a disease called toxocariasis.

This is most important for children who will often play outside where dogs may have been and then put their hands into their mouths without washing them.

For most people, an infection with these roundworm larvae causes no symptoms and the parasites die within a few months.

However, some people experience mild symptoms and in very rare cases, the roundworm larvae infect organs such as the liver, lungs, eyes or brain and cause severe symptoms.

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Toxocara sp. roundworms

We all want our puppies to be able to play with the whole family without worrying about the spread of parasites so please talk to us and we will come up with the most suitable worming regime for your puppy  and to suit your family!


Rio and his big brother!

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