Senior Pets

We are focusing on senior pets this month!


Our older cats and dogs can suffer from many similar conditions to older people.

The most common complaints are arthritis and achiness in the joints but we also see many other changes such as sleeping more, coat changes and behavioural changes.

Older animals are more likely to succumb to issues such as kidney failure, liver issues and lumps and bumps.

Fortunately there is lots we can do to help them so please bring them in regularly for check ups. The sooner we find any problems, the more there is that we can do to help.

In October 2017 we will be offering free health checks to any senior pets that we haven’t seen in over a year so if that’s you please take the opportunity to come in and see us. Also let any of your friends and relatives know if it applies to them so that we can help our older animals be happy and pain-free for as long as possible!




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