Pet Parasites

April this year is our month to highlight the importance of parasites again!

With the start of spring there is an increase in numbers of these little beasties around especially fleas and ticks so although we recommend prevention all year round – now is the time to ensure you have got it all covered!

There are lots of different products on the market and we can advise you of the best regime for your dog or cat based on which parasites we are most concerned about and the best method of administration for your pet.

The newest product which we are recommending is given as a monthly chewable treat and it covers fleas, ticks and intestinal worms. It’s great if your dog goes swimming or is not keen on the spot-on products!


Please come in and chat to us so that we can help keep your pet parasite free or join our Healthy Paws Plan which is the easy way to spread the cost of all your pet’s preventative healthcare needs.

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