order repeat prescriptions/food

If you require a repeat prescription for your pet, please phone in advance or use the online order form below, so that it can be verified by one of the vets and made up ready for collection.

Reception staff cannot hand out prescription medication (POM-V, POM-VPS) without veterinary authorisation.

It is a legal requirement that pets on medication have to be examined by the vet regularly. This is important for the health of your pet and to ensure medication is working and is being used correctly.

The interval between rechecks will depend on the condition your pet is being treated for – as a guideline this will be every 2 – 3 months. This will obviously be tailored to suit the individual case.

Medication cannot be prescribed if your pet is not seen as required.

If you would like to order food for your pet including prescription diets and life stage diets for your pet please phone in advance or use the online order form below to ensure the food is in stock and ready for collection.


(for food/prescriptions)