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Pet Insurance

There are many pet insurance policies available to new pet owners and it is important that you find the most suitable one for you and your pet.

Pet insurance provides support if your pet requires any expensive or on going treatments therefore it is a good idea to take out a lifelong policy.

We are more than happy to discuss your options with you and advise where possible.

Can you afford not to?

It can be easy to dismiss pet insurance as a waste of money, especially if your pet stays out of trouble and you don’t have to submit a claim. However, it can be vital if your pet has an accident or unexpected illness and you need help affording the vet bills! According to Tesco Bank, the average claim for treatment for an accident for both cats and dogs is around £600, with 10% of claims reaching £1500.

The treatment of long-term illnesses can mount up quickly too when you consider the costs of diagnosis (which could involve multiple blood tests, xrays, or ultrasound scans), stabilization (which could involve hospitalisation for some conditions), and the long-term treatment (daily or even twice-daily medications).

Insurance also offers the peace of mind that, should your pet become ill, you will be able to afford the best possible care – there are many specialised treatments available nowadays, for illnesses like cancer or injuries like fractures, which can cost thousands of pounds. Many people, ourselves included, would not be able to afford such care without insurance.


Our Animal Care Assistant Caron and her pets are a great example of why insurance is so important. Her Jack Russell, Tara, is only 1 year old, but has already had 4 insurance claims submitted. The most expensive was an emergency – she ate an entire bottle of medication, and had to be rushed to the vet school hospital for treatment. In total, three days of hospitalisation at the vet school and a further three days here cost poor Caron around £1,200.

Not three months after this, her cat Simba came in because he’d been losing a lot of weight and urinating much more than normal. He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease – a lifelong condition which will require a prescription diet, regular blood tests, regular hospitalisation to be put on a drip to maintain his hydration, and medication. The diagnosis and stabilisation of Simba has already cost over £300, and his food alone is now set to cost around £70 a month for the rest of his life.

Which Insurance Policy?

We appreciate that pet insurance can be really confusing, so if you have any questions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you find the best policy for you and your pet.

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