Emergency treatments

If you have a need for urgent veterinary advice or treatment, or in an emergency, please telephone the normal surgery number  0141 959 6100.

During normal hours the nurse will alert the veterinary surgeon so that we are prepared for your arrival.

Please do not arrive at the surgery without telephoning first, as this may lead to delay in treating your pet as the veterinary surgeon may not be ready to see you.

When The Surgery Is Closed

If you phone us after our closing time, you will hear a spoken message giving you the details of the Glasgow University Vet Hospital Emergency Service whose number is 0845 850 2080, the Vets Now Emergency Service whose number is 0141 332 3212 and Emergency Vets Glasgow whose number is 0141 260 5555.  

If phoning an emergency service, your call will be answered directly by a veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse who will arrange veterinary treatment for you, at the emergency service clinic premises, or be able to give you advice.

Each emergency clinic is a separate business in its own right and payment for out of hours care will be payable, to them, at the time of treatment, although some of it may be reclaimable if your pet is insured.

They will return the case to ourselves at the earliest opportunity, allowing us to continue to look after you in the familiar surroundings at Ashley Vets.

Why an out of hours emergency service?

We believe that a staff member who has already worked a long day and has another one in store tomorrow will not be as fresh as someone who comes on duty, full of enthusiasm in the evening, for those hours.

By choosing a tailor-made emergency out of hours service, there is full time 24 hour supervision for your animal, at this critical time. This means that if your pet is recovering from surgery they remain in a staffed environment, as the vets and nurses are on site the whole out of normal hours period.

You will find further information regarding the Glasgow University Veterinary Hospital Emergency Service here.

You will find further information regarding the Vets Now service here.  

You will find further information regarding Emergency Vets Glasgow here.