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Healthy and happy dogs

As dog owners ourselves we’ve experienced the joy, concern and commitment a new puppy brings.

Getting off to a good start with a new puppy will hopefully lay a solid foundation for a lifetime of mutual friendship and good times.

Creating the positive experience for our dogs starts with their very first visit to see us.

If you have been in to see us before you will have seen just how many of our doggy patients enjoy coming to see us just to say hello or perhaps just mooching for biscuits!

We encourage you to come and see us as soon as possible after acquiring your new puppy so we can meet and examine your puppy and discuss all of the aspects of puppy care, such as the vaccinations, worming, microchip, diet, training, socialisation, insurance and parasite control.

We check:

When you come to the practice, please bring with you any questions you have and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Did you know?

We’ll outline what your puppy needs, customised for your puppy and your family’s situation

Most puppies have 2 vaccinations which can be started at 8 weeks old. After that they will need an annual booster vaccination to keep their protection up to date. They also need regular parasite protection.

A copy of our puppy care booklet can be downloaded below.

Have a look at our Ashley Vets Healthy Paws Plan for an easy way to spread the cost of these treatments.

Of course adult dogs need regular check-ups too.

We should see your dog for a health check at least once a year. Often this is done at the same time as the booster vaccination but please don’t hesitate to make an appointment at any time if you have any concerns. With many conditions, the success of medical treatment is better the earlier a condition is diagnosed.

We look forward to seeing you soon!