Does Your Pet Scratch in the Summer?

Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and pets are getting itchy! With summer just around the corner, you may have noticed that your pet (and perhaps you too!) are starting to suffer from seasonal allergies.

While people often show allergies in the form of itchy eyes and stuffy noses like hayfever, pets usually have itchy skin instead. Often times the paws, ears and tummy are the first places to show a flare up.  One of the hallmarks of a dog having allergies are if they stop a normal activity (like eating, walking or sleeping) specifically to scratch. You may also see your pets skin looking red or inflamed.

Often times allergies are a multifocal problem- pets can be allergic to flowers, grasses, different foods, fleas, and even dust.  To help us figure out how to alleviate your pet’s symptoms, we may test them for parasites, take a blood sample for allergy testing, or trial them on a special diet.

There are also simple treatments which can give them relief from the itch!

If you are concerned your pet might have seasonal allergies, please call 0141 959 6100 and make an appointment with one of our vets.


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