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We all know what it is like to have a new kitten and we’ve experienced the joy, concern and commitment this new family member brings.

Getting off to a good start with a new kitten will hopefully lay a solid foundation for a lifetime of mutual friendship and good times.

Creating a positive experience for our cats starts with their very first visit to see us.

We encourage you to come and see us as soon as possible after acquiring your new kitten so we can meet and examine your kitten and discuss all of the aspects of kitten care, such as the vaccinations, worming, microchip, diet, training, insurance and parasite control.

There are lots of things to check in a new kitten and we take care to be thorough but also friendly and gentle. We encourage you to repeat some of the things we do at home such as looking at the mouth, ears, eyes and touching their feet to make them part of the kitten’s daily routine. This will help you to pick up on any issues very quickly at home and will also help to ensure that the cat will not mind being examined when older.

We check:

Feel free to call us at anytime to discuss how we can help or for any more information you may need on the veterinary services we offer.

Did you know?

Most kittens have 2 vaccination injections which can be started from 9 weeks of age. These are really important to protect your new pet from some serious diseases. They then need to have a booster injection every year to keep their protection up to date. They also need regular parasite protection.

Have a look at our Ashley Vets Healthy Paws Plan which offers an easy way to spread the cost of these treatments.

When you come to the practice, please bring with you any questions you have and we’ll be happy to answer them.

We’ll help you with all your kitten needs, customised for your kitten and your family’s situation.

A copy of our kitten care booklet can be downloaded below.

Of course adult cats need regular check ups as well even if they are indoor–only cats. Cats can suffer from many illnesses such as diabetes, kidney disease and over-active thyroid. Some of these can be prevented and many can be successfully treated so please bring them to see us regularly for health checks.  The sooner we find an issue the better the chance of us being able to help.