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Dental Disease

March 2017 is Ashley Vets Dental Health Month! This month is pet dental health month, which may have you wondering- is it really that important


Obesity In Pets

Pets Can Pile on the Pounds Too! Getting into shape for the New Year applies to our pets as well as to ourselves. It’s the


It’s Fireworks Time Again!

Many dogs have a fear of fireworks and with fireworks season just around the corner we want to ensure our pets are calm, happy and

General Articles

Fleas,ticks worms and other parasites!

It’s a fact that our lovely pets which we share our homes with can attract parasites! It’s not a pleasant thought but the good news



From April 2016, all dogs in Scotland will be required by law to be microchipped in an effort to encourage responsible dog ownership.  Aside from



Did you know? Lillies, a popular plant especially around Spring time, are very toxic to our feline friends! All of the following below are lilies.



Spring is here, and with it comes holidays and quality time spent with family over home-cooked meals.  At Ashley Vets we want this time to