Heat Stroke – the facts

  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that even in Scotland dogs die from heatstroke but believe me – THEY DO! Dogs can’t tolerate high temperatures as well as humans because they only have sweat glands in their feet and around their nose so they are less able to cool themselves down. As a result, dogs […]

Ashley Vets is 10 Years Old!!

  Come and help us celebrate while raising money for Charity! Saturday 23rd March at Knightswood Community Centre 2-4pm We have competitions, home-baking, face-painting for the kids, teddy bear vet clinic, pet photo competition and a great raffle with amazing prizes. The Fire Brigade are coming along with the fire engine for the kids to […]

Vaccines and Your Pet – Dispelling the myths

We commonly vaccinate three species at Ashley Vets – dogs, cats, and rabbits. In the last few years, we’ve had increasing numbers of owners concerned about the effects that vaccination may have on their pets, particularly with regards to ‘over-vaccination’ and side effects, with some owners opting not to vaccinate their pet at all because […]

What’s the point of senior diets and what should I feed my older pet?

Pets are living longer than ever – so much so that some breeds are now considered ‘senior’ for almost half of their lives. The signs of ageing in some pets are obvious – black Labradors seem to get their grey muzzle much earlier than they start to feel old! Some signs aren’t so obvious though, […]

Care of senior pets

As well as being a vet, I am also the owner of a 14 year old spaniel, so the care of older pets is something I am dealing with on a full-time basis! When our pet is defined as ‘senior’ depends on the species and breed. In cats this is usually from 10 years old, […]

How To Make A Den

Making a den for your pet on and around Guy Fawkes night or any other time there are fireworks is an excellent way to give them a safe place to hide and feel secure. Please click on the link below to view our PDF Guide to making a den for your pet to hide in […]

Rabbit dental health

In a consult the other day a very astute little boy asked me why his rabbit only had four teeth.  I was impressed by his observation skills, considering his age, but reluctantly had to tell him that they have a lot more teeth than that but they are very difficult to see without looking with […]

Anxiety – does my pet need help?

How can I  tell if my pet is anxious? Anxiety is a very common issue for our furry friends. In fact, tens of thousands of animals in the UK suffer from anxiety and noise phobia in particular. Around this time of year fireworks displays are common, and these can cause severe anxious behaviour to surface. […]

Senior Pets

We are focusing on senior pets this month!   Our older cats and dogs can suffer from many similar conditions to older people. The most common complaints are arthritis and achiness in the joints but we also see many other changes such as sleeping more, coat changes and behavioural changes. Older animals are more likely […]